Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harrison Ford to voice 'Up' character? [2 UPDATES]

A Wikipedia entry written several hours ago claims that actor Harrison Ford will be lending his voice to Pixar's upcoming film, Up.

Now, I love Wikipedia (over 2000 edits!), but I'm not buying this story until I get some more concrete evidence, like a listing on IMDb (or IMDb Pro). I will, however, be making some phone calls tomorrow morning...

Thanks to reader Phil H. for the tip.
Update: Up's Wikipedia page has now been edited to list comedian Robin Williams as working on the film. This story is becoming less believable by the hour...

(Updated at 11:06 PM)
Update: Couldn't get through to any publicists. Apparently, they're not too keen on talking to bloggers... The more I think about this story, the more completely bogus it sounds.

(Updated Mar. 31)


JV IS TIZ!!! PIXAR said...

Great find but I'm buying this one yet either til more info is available.

JV IS TIZ!!! PIXAR said...

Sorry, what I meant was that I'm NOT buying this yet.

MB1000 said...

I got it! :)

Hey, you never got back to me about sorta plagerizing one of my posts. Not good.