Monday, April 14, 2008

Pixar leasing Pompeii ruins? [UPDATE]

An article published online today in the archeology section of the website of Newsweek magazine mentions obscurely the possibility of Pixar renting the famous ruins of Pompeii for use as a "movie set". Warner Bros., Pixar's co-production partner on Brad Bird's upcoming live-action project 1906, is also mentioned in the article as being potentially interested in leasing the site.

What movie could this be for? I doubt it's for 1906, as that takes place in San Francisco, California early in the 20th century. John Carter of Mars perhaps? That's what I'm thinking. Or maybe it's for something we haven't heard anything about yet. Please leave your comments below. They are much appreciated.
Update: About an hour ago, I phoned the guy mentioned in the Newsweek story as being in charge of the initiative to lease the ruins. His name is Claudio Velardi; I found his number at the website of the Region of Campania, which administers Pompeii. He doesn't speak much English (same goes for me and Italian) so the conversation was pretty tough.

I did manage to ask him what he could tell me regarding any interest by Pixar Animation Studios in the site, and what movie that would be for. He kept repeating that no movie is currently being filmed at Pompeii and that Pixar's involvement would be for putting on "events". I think he either misunderstood the question or had Pixar confused with some other group. Compounding the problem, he was speaking on a cell phone so it was hard to understand his responses.

So nothing new on that front. Will keep trying to find some more facts about this story...

(Updated on April 15)


Xna said...

Im confused about John Carter from mars. When i was at Semi Permanent, a graphic design conference in sydney this year Andrew Gordon was a guest speaker. After he spoke somebody asked will there be another ratatouille and he replied "not yet, we are currently working on Walle, Up and im working on Toy Story 3."

Venusian said...

I don't think he knows the whole plan....