Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fresh details on 'Incredibles' comics

The MTV Splash Page blog has some new info regarding the upcoming comic book series based on The Incredibles, to be published by BOOM! Studios in association with Pixar and Disney Publishing Worldwide as part of a wider line of comics based on many of Pixar's classic films.

As previously reported, the first of the 'Incredibles' series (the first issue of which will be out in April) will tell the story of Mr. Incredible "slowly losing his powers", all the while trying to keep the secret from his family; or, as Splash Page puts it, Mr. Incredibles' "impotence". (laughing)

On that point, says series writer Mark Waid, the story will be like an "Incredibles 1.5". The storyline will thus begin shortly after the events of the movie; the characters won't be any older. The comics would therefore not restrict any possible sequel to The Incredibles.

The original characters will be pretty much the same as in the film, personality wise, though Mr. Incredible will be rather depressed, having been "relegated to house husband status". There will be new characters, we learn today, including a 'supers doctor'.

No word yet on whether Edna Mode (aka "E", possibly my favourite Pixar character ever) will make an appearance in any of the issues.

Read the full story here.


Writer Dad said...

This sounds really awesome. I can't wait.

Stephanie said...

We are big fans of movie, this sounds great! Looking forward to this!

comixster said...

I'm so excited for this. I'm also looking forward to the toy story one. Also posted something on this on my blog for people to know.