Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pixar employee awards [2 UPDATES]

According to the caption for this picture on Flickr (written by the photographer, Jason 'Jayfish' Hull, a systems administrator at Pixar since A Bug's Life) Pixar presented these awards yesterday to employees who've been with the studio for ten years or more. A total of 205 were handed out.

The original sculpture, from which the Buzz Lightyear statuettes were cast, was created by the very talented Jerome Ranft.

(Photo credit: Jayfish/Flickr)
Update: There's more photos on Flickr here, here and here.

These pics, and their captions, indicate that each statuette weighs 14 pounds and the base bears the name of the recipient below the words "10 Years of Passion & Commitment".

Also, Pixarians who've been at the studio for 20 years plus got a Woody statuette.

(Updated at 1:42 PM)
Update: And now there's pictures of the awards party. At right, Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, and others examining the statuettes.

A couple of bonus pics:
  • Founding employee (now Vice President of Software) Eben Ostby holding both awards (good close-up of Woody statuette) [photo]

  • Ed Catmull enjoying what appears to be fried chicken [photo]

(Photo credit: Cwalkatron/Flickr)

(Updated at 8:29 PM)


Anonymous said...

Haha that's so cool!

Simon said...

I want one!!

Stigall said...

Amazing. It really says a lot about the consistent quality of Pixar films - handing out 205 of these 10 year awards. How awesome!

Anonymous said...

It must be nice to work at a place where you WANT to be there for 10 years.

Maybe I'll work at a place like that someday...

swatsi said...

Thats really cool, and a nice touch.

Does show they are appreciative about their employees.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't fried chicken. It was some sort of fried cream cheese with a jalapeno or something. I had one cold, so it wasn't so good.

Mike said...

Were you really there?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike do you know when the soundtrack for Up will be out?

Mike said...

Sometime in May.