Saturday, February 7, 2009

'Up' special screening reports [UPDATE]

A lot of Up news came out of New York City today, where three events were put on to showcase Pixar's tenth feature —a special press-only screening of the film's first forty-five minutes yesterday, the New York Comic Con panel this afternoon showcasing five individual clips, and a public screening of the first fifty minutes this evening, also at NYCC.

The consensus from those that attended is unsurprising: Pixar has created another instant classic. Another winner. And this with a temporary score and unfinished animation!

Below are links to some of the best reports available, including some selected quotes. A lot of, frankly, thrilling details about Up can be found within. Please note that these stories do, to one degree or another, contain what some may refer to as "spoilers".

"Carl Fredricksen is bound to go down as one of (if not) the most human and sincere Pixar characters ever created."

  • Comic Book Resources (NYCC panel. Summery of the Q&A with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera, as well as of the clips shown.)

"You can guarantee that if the rest of the movie is nearly as heart-warming and fun as what we saw, this is going to be another beloved Pixar classic."

"This footage has that same magical feeling that Monsters, Inc does (and every Pixar movie does), and that's of course thanks to director Pete Docter."

"The bottom line is Pixar has delivered another rollicking winner. When the screen cut out after the 45 minutes had passed, the crowd let out an audible, frustrated sigh."

  • /Film (NYCC screening. Most complete report, contains a detailed description of the movie's first 45-50 minutes.)

"Make no mistake: The first segment of this film is Pixar at its finest... Honestly, the film is worth watching for the first 10 minutes alone."
This post has been updated (Feb. 8) to include two additional story links (/Film and Comic Book Resources).


Anonymous said...

Wait... Did you actually delete the last post, (and any comments that came with it), rather than just adding to it??? Maybe it's just me, but I am slightly confused...

Anyway, Up looks great, only a little less than 3 months to go. Right? Right?!?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just like Wall e and the not so great first impressions from the promos!

Simon said...

I just have to ask, does Carl have tennis balls on his walking stick?

Anonymous said...

Hope it won't be like WALL-E. I loved the bits on Earth but was bored once the story reached the Axiom.

Matthew Smith said...

so psyched! these characters look like so much fun!