Saturday, May 30, 2009

'Up' toys and merchandise [UPDATE: Adult tees, pins, Kevin plush]

The 2009 Toy Industry Association Toy Fair is now under way in New York City. Several toy makers are debuting prototypes of some of the items that will be in stores in a couple of months or so. We can expect much, much more 'stuff' news to emerge in the next while.

Looking back, honestly, my coverage of merchandising for WALL-E last year was rather poor. So for Up, I'll be posting as much as possible, all in this one giant, frequently-updated post. Anytime we learn of a new product, I'll update readers here with all the latest. New items will be right at the top. Cool?

This portion posted on February 15, 2009
Adult tees, pins, Kevin plush

With Up doing great in theatres, the Disney Store now offers an even larger variety of items 'inspired by' the movie, as follows:

New mens T-shirts (See The World By Balloon/Adventure is Out There! and Carl "Public Menace" designs); mens and womens limited-edition Dug T-shirts (only 150 of each are available, numbered with screenprinted signature of Pixar artist Ronnie del Carmen) and limited-edition Carl, Russell, Dug, and house pins.

A "brilliantly-colored" Kevin plush (pictured) is coming soon with pre-orders starting June 16.

Posted May 30, 2009
Shirts, scrapbooks, etc.

Several new Up items have been added to the Disney Store online, for sale and pre-order. Keep an eye out for them at your local Disney Store in the coming days.

We have kids T-shirts (Wilderness Explorer and Dug designs), a snowglobe, 3-piece luggage tag set, Carl travel mug; a "My Adventure Book" scrapbook with collectible postcards and a Wilderness Explorer journal/scrapbook with stickers and a real compass; a very snazzy Hawaiian shirt (in Mens and Boys sizes) from Reyn Spooner (a favourite brand for John Lasseter, who as we all know loves Hawaiian shirts); and dozens of Create-Your-Own items with characters from the movie.

What do you plan to get?

Posted May 13, 2009.
Talking dog plush toys (Dug, Alpha, Beta, Gamma)

A bunch of new talking plush/stuffed toys are now in stock at the Disney Store online (formerly

For sale is already everybody's favourite Dug (available in 11″ and 21″ sizes), and also the other talking dogs from the movie, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Dug plush greets you with phrases such as ''My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you.'' Aww!

A full description of each animal can be found on the product pages. Sizes range from 8 to 21 inches with most retailing for $19.50.

Posted May 8, 2009
More Up books

Upcoming Pixar points out even more books featuring the characters of Up. All are available now and recommended for kids ages 4-8 (as a lot of the Up books are).

We have:

Beware of Dug!

24-page "Pictureback" paperback book. Published by Random House/Disney. Text by Annie Auerbach.

Bird's Best Friend

Step into Reading (Step 2) paperback. Retells story of Russell and Kevin's friendship in the movie. 32 pages. Random House/Disney.

The Sky's the Limit

96-page deluxe coloring book. Published by Golden Books/Disney. Text by Cynthia Hands.

Wild Life

48-page coloring book. Published by Golden Books/Disney. Text by Cynthia Hands. Includes 'chunky' crayons.

Posted April 21, 2009
Up storybooks

Up: The Junior Novelization

128-page paperback novelization of the film. For ages 9-12. Published by Random House/Disney. Features eight pages of full-color scenes. Available now. Perfect if you like spoilers!

Up Little Golden Book

Classic-style picture book for children ages 4-8. Published by Golden Books/Disney. 24 pages, hardcover. Available now.

Up Read-Aloud Storybook (Limited Collector's Edition)

72-page, hardcover illustrated storybook for ages 4-8. Published by Random House/Disney. Features "stunning full-color art" and includes a collectible poster. Available now. Check out the Look Inside! feature at for the first few pages of the book. Beautifully done.

Spirit of Adventure

A Stepping Stone chapter-book for ages 9-12. Retells Up's story from Russell's perspective. 80 pages, paperback. Published by Random House/Disney. Available now.

Posted April 18, 2009.
Up Vtech V.Smile Cartridges

Available for pre-order from Toys "R" Us.

V.Smile Smartridge for all V.Smile Learning Systems from Vtech. Designed for children 4-6 years of age. Teaches plants, numbers and counting, shapes, and teamwork.

V.Smile V-Motion TV Learning Smartridge for the V-Motion Active Learning System. For kids 4-6. Teaches shape matching, memory, pattern logics, rhythm, and more.

Estimated ship date is May 15.

Posted April 6, 2009.
Wilderness Explorers' Guide (sticker book)

Published by Disney Press. Text by Eliie O'Ryan. 48-page story/picture book for kids ages 4-8 with three sheets of removable stickers included. Available April 28 ( says April 14).

Link to Disney Books product page (official summary).

Posted March 17, 2009.
My Name Is Dug (hardcover book)

Pixar artist and Up story supervisor Ronnie del Carmen points on the sidebar of his blog Tirade to this 48-page Up-themed children's picture book entitled My Name Is Dug that can now be pre-ordered from, in advance of its April 14 publication date (but strangely not indexed in the search results for 'pixar up').

The Disney Press-published book, authored by Kiki Thorpe with illustrations by del Carmen, will follow Dug as he searches for Kevin, who'll be "cleverly hidden on each spread".

Posted March 6, 2009.
No 'Up' toys coming from Thinkway

Just learned that Thinkway Toys, Pixar's toy maker of choice since the very first Toy Story, won't be producing any items based on Up. A rep told me they didn't get a single licence from Disney Consumer Products, which handles licencing of Pixar's characters.

There's been some talk of toy companies and even DCP not being too excited at the prospect of Up, considering its septuagenarian star, but this is quite surprising, considering the relationship Thinkway's had with Pixar over the years.

Posted March 6, 2009.
JUN Planning action figures/stuffed toys/vinyl figures (prototypes)

From JUN Planning. Action figure prototype of villain Charles Muntz shown. (Click to enlarge: This is our first ever glimpse at Muntz.)

Visit French-language Pixar fansite for photos of action figure prototypes of Muntz's dogs, as well as stuffed/plush toys (4″ to 8″) and soft vinyl figures of Carl, Russell, Dug, and Kevin (large and mini).

(via Upcoming Pixar)

Posted March 2, 2009.
JUN Planning action figures (prototypes)

From Japanese manufacturer JUN Planning. Carl action figure prototype shown. Final product will be way nicer. See for Russell, Dug, and Kevin figures and more info.

See also JUN Planning mini toys (not prototypes) available for pre-order at

(via Upcoming Pixar)

Posted February 15, 2009.


Simon said...

You know how you've written all the upcoming movies on the right side of your blog?
You should do the same thing with all the awards WALL-E have won so far/how many nominations... And also for the other Pixar movies, how many they got!

Just an idea

Mike said...

Thanks for the suggestion. But I don't want to pack too much info on the sidebar.

Simon said...

Ok sure, no prob. :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is bit off topic, but will you be getting to see Up early and meet Pete Docter? Like what happen last year with Wall-e? If so than congratulations and I looks forword to you're coverage!

Mike said...

I'm definitely planning to attend an advance screening of Up. About interviewing Docter, I wish I knew.

Anonymous said...

have you already been in the contact with the people of UP for you're interviews!?! Like last year? :)

Mike said...

I have nothing to announce at this time :)

Simon said...

Mike do you have any ideas or thoughts on when the next trailer will be out?

Mike said...

Sometime next month or early May.

Anonymous said...

semi-new trailer with M vs. A

Kyle said...

Why do you keep bumping this post up? Ive seen it so many times already.

Mike said...

What do you mean? Every time I bump it up, there's a new product.

PixarFanatic said...

Sad that the toys aren't coming from Thinkaway Toys..

The toys look cool, however.

Anonymous said...

The cover art for the storybook is fantastic. I'll probably look out for the junior novel in stores, since I'm huge about spoilers.

Bob and Rob Professional American Writers said...

What a great blog...glad we found it. Keep 'UP' the good work. Cheers, Bob & Rob

Willem Wynand said...

Wow the books look amazing, when i read that there was an up little golden book it caught me off guard, and i wondered if it would be one of those crummy shots of the movie with text on the side things. but its not, its becautifull like most other golden books =) nicly colored and aww... i'm going to havto start a little golden book collection sumtime when the money looks better and up will be in there =) goodluck matey =)

Jordan said...

If you go to the Junior Novelization page at Amazon, you can actually get some early glimpses at the film's story (not neccessarily spoilers). Just click "Search Inside!" and click "Surprise me!" to go to a random page in the book. It's the next best thing to actually holding the book.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Junior Novel. It's a quick read (took me about 45 mins) and it has every scene from the movie right down to the exact quote. It's amazing, and seeing it onscreen will be 10 times better. There are lots of twists, along with a wonderful ending.

Jordan said...

The Disney store actually gives some quotes that Alpha, Gamma, and Beta probably say in the film. In other news, IMDb updated its cast list, though it still doesn't list Elie Docter as Ellie.

Anonymous said...

no joke, i'm thinking about getting the wilderness t for myself! haha!

Izaac said...

Hi Mike,
Great blog, I'm here every day or so.
Thanks for the Up toys updates, but as it's grown longer I am finding it increasingly frustrating to scroll through (not overly interested in merch anyways). My suggestion is rather than one long post, either a post you can click to expand or just posting a new toy update when you've got a few to add at a time (say, monthly), rather than one long post.

Just some honest feedback for you to take or leave as you please. Keep up the great work.

Mike said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll consider that for next year!

Do you know what a Rivig cat is? said...

I like these products. Now what I say next is so off-topic, that I might as well start mailing random people carrots in the mail, but Mike, do you like IKEA?

I await your response!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Is that a grape soda bottle cap on the Wilderness Explorer shirt? Kind of like the grape soda bottle cap on Carl Fredrickson's shirt?

Anonymous said...

I want a Russel plush toy!!!
He's to cute =D

Anonymous said...

Love the site!
by any chance will there be a Carl plush coming out soon?

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts as to what is UP here?

Love the blog!!

Rachel said...

There needs to be an adult version of the wilderness shirt!

Anonymous said...

I've got all of this pent up retail enthusiasm for UP momentos. I agree with previous posters, I would love to have a plush Kevin and plush Carl, not to mention McD style action figures ... and what's up with Disney not doing more with the wonderful imagery of hundreds of colorful balloons hitched to the house? There are some real great opportunities here ... if they're nervous about not making enough profits, maybe they should hold a contest for UP and Pixar fans to design or make suggestions for collectibles and momentos ... fans would def get involved and would def buy. I understand having a plush Dug, but the other guard dogs ... hmm, I don't find them as enticing to buy. Too bad the Pixar creatives aren’t involved.

Anonymous said...

I recently went to the Disney Store in Sacramento, CA, and came across a very cute recycled shopping bag with an illustration of all of our favorite UP characters on both the front and the back. The bag costs $2.50. There were other bags with other Disney character designs as well.

Christina Cole said...

would there be anyway to maybe get the grape soda pop pins out on shelfs? I've been looking for it for quite sometime.

Christina Cole said...

I feel like there should be grape soda pop pins! they would be the cutest things to give and receive. Put those on the shelfs!

Jeff Coté said...

Am I the only one who thinks that Kevin's plush looks NOTHING like him? Just checking...

Anonymous said...

I really really want a russel plush toy ! That would be so very cute. (:

brandonsmom said...

i'm desperately trying to find a figurine set, but they are sold out everywhere! anyone know where i can get one? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where could I find a Russel plush toy?
So many plush toys of the Up dogs and other movie 'stars' but nothing for my little Russell....

Anonymous said...

My Son really wants and would love to have the UP house with little ballons attached like in movie! right now he just takes a little bird house feeder and pretends like it is Mr. Fredricksons house flying in the air.

Anonymous said...

Did Disney ever come out with a russell Plush toy??? If so, where can I find one?? A response is greatly appreciate it. thanks. =)

Leirin said...

Latest anonymous: I'm pretty sure they made some but I don't think I've seen any. I somehow find it hard to picture him looking good in stuffed-doll form, but I might be surprised. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was wishing they would sell Ellie's bagde.

Janec said...

Has anyone heard of a Russell doll? I love this film and would love to have a plush toy that looked like Russell, or one that spoke some of his lines.

Aitor said...

Sorry about this question. Maybe i am the only one that doesn't know the answer... Are there any merchandise about Ellie?. I don't find anything, and sincerely, don't know why...; she is the true reason of the film...

And could i find the book of adventures/life of the film?

Thank you (Sorry for my english... i am far away from... ¿?...)

Anonymous said...

Even though the movie has elements that are clearly meant for adults (infertility, death, depression, aggression...), it is a heart-warming movie and it contains several messages. I had no problem showing this movie to my son. It is a PG movie and we sit with our son to watch it and discuss parts as we watch it.

As far as merchandising, I was surprised not to find anything related to the UP movie when the movie came out. Now, after seeing it dozens of times with my son, he wishes he had the house with balloons, russell, Mr. F, and Dug.

Any word on when toys from the UP movie be available in stores?

@ aitor:
I found a handmade Ellie badge (not made by Disney) on ebay.

Anonymous said...

I've been searching everywhere and waiting for the RUSSEL Plush toy. Has anyone know whether they create a plush toy for RUSSEL? I love his character soo much. I see there are soo many people wants a Russel plush toy, can we request it to Disney/Pixar?? They created the Kevin plush toy...what about our RUSSEL!!! :D

Lexi said...

I know this post is old, but do you know where I might find the Up Wilderness Explorer Tee? It is no where to be found online. The Disney store is sold out.

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