Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exclusive: Amid Amidi no longer writing 'Art of Toy Story 3'

Art of Pixar Short Films author Amid Amidi contacted me this morning to inform me that he is "no longer writing The Art of Toy Story 3" for Pixar and Chronicle Books —a tremendously surprising development.

When asked about the reasons why, Amid did not wish to comment any further. I suspect there was a falling-out of some nature, but have no supporting facts except the lack of rationalization in his comments.

Amid had earlier tried to comment briefly about the change on my interview with Tim Hauser for The Art of Up since his work on The Art of Toy Story 3 was discussed in the Q&A. I rejected his comment thinking it was not genuine and so he emailed me at to let me know that it was.


Tommy said...

Amid seems to be quite the critic on Pixar on CartoonBrew, so maybe that had something to do with the falling out.

Phil said...

It's too bad he's not writing the "Art of Toy Story 3". It sounds like he did a great job on the "Art of Pixar Short Films".