Saturday, June 12, 2010

Designing the new characters in 'TS3'

In a piece based on discussions with Lee Unkrich and production designer Bob Pauley, The New York Times takes a look at the design process on five of the new characters appearing in Toy Story 3: Lotso, Dolly, Big Baby, Mr. Pricklepants, and Ken.

When it came to adding new characters to the Toy Story universe, "My primary goal was to not screw it up,” Unkrich says. “I really wanted to stay true to the world and the characters. It was very important to me that this new film still feel very much of a piece of the first two."

Read the complete article online at or in print in Sunday's edition.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mr. Unkrich has learned from his previous experience on "Toy Story 2." They didn't have to put John Lasseter in the director's chair at the last minute for "Toy Story 3," so hopefully Mr. Unkrich has learned his lesson and will live up to his goal of not screwing it up.

Normally, I don't question anything that Pixar produces, but I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! Will you be attending a Toronto screening of the finished TS3? I look forward to your review on Friday!

Anonymous said...

ts3 has this moment 9,1/10 in IMDb!!!!!!haven't seen this image before!!!!!

Leirin said...

The designs are great! I need to pick up the artbook eventually!