Monday, October 11, 2010

The emotional impact of animated films has a terrific new piece entitled "Why Adults Cry So Easily in Animated Kids Movies", written by editor-at-large Belinda Luscombe. (The word "kids" in the title was unneeded.)

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich shares some interesting theories on why adults respond emotionally to animated films, often more so than they do to live-action pictures.

Read it here.


Graeme Allen said...

This is why I want to go into animation.

guitarlynn53 said...

I remember when i went to see toy story 3 a lot of adults and teenagers crying:):)

Mike Barnett said...

That's a pretty annoying title.
I think it should have been "Why adults cry so easily in good movies."
Seems to me that the final frontier for animation now is to due away with the idea that Animation is only for children.

Worth Dayley said...

It's generally only America that holds on to that concept with a death grip.

Robby said...

I completely agree about the title, Mike. I hate when people think animated movies are automatically for kids, it's just nonsensical. Besides, it's not animated movies that adults cry easily on, it's GOOD movies, as you said.

I haven't heard of adults crying on any animated movies unless they were Pixar or (classic) Disney. You'd think that would tell you something.

Al said...

Just because a movie is animated it doesn't mean that it's just for kids! That's not a fair way to judge a movie! Especially Pixar movies, those are aimed at audiences of ALL ages! I can't imagine what it would be like to meet someone that says, "Oh, it's animated. No way I'm watching that. I'm way too old for it."

Isaac said...

I also agree with you mike that the title is crappy except i think that adults aren't the only one's crying at movies like that i do to and i'm only 12 yeah my birthday was october 7th!

Doug Bowker said...

Nice Pixar a got a shout out I guess, but that was the lamest article I've read for quite some time. The whole thing was just a big add for other Time articles and the conclusions were at best simplistic with poor attempts at humor. Why do we cry!? You must be kidding! We LIVE and exist via story. Peoples entire cultures are wrapped up in stories. You can cry about a character not real and was written a hundred, or even thousand years ago. What you love or hate is how we understand ourselves.

It's the story itself that we relate to- the character is what we project ourselves into. Could be an animal, a god, a mythical creature, old or young, or either sex.

They could have a got an actual writer who's read a few books to write the article, but instead got a hack who watches to much e!online.

akshay said...

animated movies atleast the ones that come out of hollywood ARE for kids.. its not gonna change if you feel like calling it something else. But being essentially for kids is not the same as being only for kids. 'Family' is just a fancier way of saying.. we have made a kiddy movie that the parents would not get bored of either. its all about the kids.. if you wanna include kids in the family term then you have to make something that caters to them 80% and the rest is slightly grown up stuff sprinkled over so that the teenagers, bn adults dont get bored either. its not the other way round. its not a family movie which has 80% adult stuff and 20% kids stuff. if its not for kids, then why is there no real anger? violence? BLOOD?
Toy story 3 though was interesting in the way that visually the movie was for kids to enjoy but themes and underlying tones were really for early teenagers and above.
An old guy can watch any movie cuz he can identify with the kid, the teenager, the 25yr old, the married man or the grandpa cuz he has been through all those stages. but a kid on level 0 of life can only identify what he knows and so the movie has to be centered around their approved enjoyment to be successfull. cuz none of the other family members are gonna buy the woody toy