Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Four hi-res Cars 2 stills

Four new high resolution stills from Cars 2 have been provided to media by Disney/Pixar. I think all of these scenes are found in the trailers released so far.

Behold the photorealism of the fire and buildings in the second and fourth stills. And the oil/gasoline additive "drinks" on shelf in the third one is a nice touch.


Logan Pearsall said...

The fourth still is blowing my mind! (I mean, they ALL are, of course, but the fourth? wow!)

I was blown away by the creative implementation of "cars" into the environments in the first movie.

But I don't think anybody realizes how amazing this next movie is going to be from a design standpoint.

So looking forward to it!!!

Anonymous said...

The renders in the trailers must be placeholders for the time being, because these stills look a LOT better than what appears in the previews. Kudos as always to Pixar.

Slinky Dog said...

The visuals and action sequences from Cars 2 are going to be epic. I'm anxiously awaiting Michael Giacchino's soundtrack. Judging from the trailers, this movie will be really funny, too.

Can't wait until opening day!