Sunday, May 1, 2011

New cover for Cars 2 soundtrack

Last weekend, Amazon added a cover to its product page for the Cars 2 soundtrack album. As suspected, the much-derided image was only a placeholder.

Amazon replaced it today with new, presumably final, cover artwork, matching the final film poster and video game box art.

The soundtrack, featuring Michael Giacchino's original score, will be released by Walt Disney Records on June 14.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in


Ben said...

Much better than the old one. Is this going to be available on disk?

Robby said...

I'm still not that impressed, but whatever. It's the music that really counts.

Scott said...

Yes it will be on CD. Now let's hope they go back and release TS3 on CD.

Daniel said...

Great cover, but they should release also the TS3 and Up's soundtracks!!!

Bentendo said...

Let's hope we manage to get our hands somehow on the Cast/Crew disc for TS3 once attention is being paid towards Cars 2.