Monday, May 2, 2011

Seven international Cars 2 posters

Seven new international posters for Cars 2 have arrived online in English at

The set was first seen in Russian last month and posted by The Daily Blam (via Pixar Times).

I gotta say, these are much better than the domestic one-sheet. And they really drive home the international setting of the sequel.

Visit to see the other six posters.


Nini said...

Remember when Pixar films weren't only as good as their last film but sometimes upto two films ago as well? Hmm, yeah… (I'm referring to the "From the that brought you" tags on posters and other publicity stuff.)

These posters are a lot better than the US domestic one-sheets even for their groan-worthy punmanship.

Brent said...

I remember peeing my pants when I saw the first toy story 2 movie posters.