Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brand-new Brave still in latest issue of EW [UPDATE]

A brand-new still from Brave can be found in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

It's the first still from the film to be officially released by Pixar.

I'll be sure to post the hi-res version when it becomes available.
Updated with hi-res version via Stitch Kingdom.


Darkcritic said...

Is it just me or is her face a bit too rounded? I mean, the animation looks great but it looks like she fighted some bees...

Jason said...

She kinda looks like a fish in this shot.

Besides that, I'm really looking forward to Brave. Let's hope making less-than-stellar films doesn't become a trend for Pixar.

Jordan said...

You don't mean animation. Nothing's moving. You mean the modeling work and/or art style.

Bagne said...

I like this still.

I especially like that she doesn't seem to fit the form of a Disney/Barbie princess.

Robby said...

She does have a bit of an odd looking face, but perhaps she'll look better in motion.

Anonymous said...

the truth I do not like this picture, I was fascinated the first came out ( but this not so much

Anonymous 2.0 said...

Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!

This is very original. At least for Pixar.

Pixar has never done anything quite like this before.

They haven't forgotten how to make original movies!

(Please excuse my sarcasm)