Monday, July 18, 2011

Lasseter teases Toy Story 4

That's right! More 'TS4' news for y'all!

John Lasseter was on BBC Breakfast Monday morning to discuss his work directing Cars 2, which opens in the UK on Friday.

The conversation eventually shifted to Toy Story 4, with
Lasseter being a
sked about the remarks made by Tom Hanks on the same program last month.

"I found that very interesting too", he says with a mischievous smile worthy of an 8-year-old who's just raided the cookie jar.
"Yeah, it was really interesting! Well, w
e haven't announced anything yet."

"Would you like to?" ask the presenters.

In as playful a manner imaginable,
Lasseter quickly changes the topic back to Cars 2 and its London scenes.

Watch the video here and return with your vociferous comments.

If you haven't yet picked up on my gleeful hints, I do want to see a Toy Story 4.
I haven't been shocked at the negative reaction—because everyone really cares about the series—but I think the concerns are massively overblown.

This is Pixar we're talking about, and if they feel they can do right by these characters a fourth time, I tend to trust them on that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot to all who answered my previous question about animation I was late reading it but it really helped

and as for this he didnt say no so i guess if the script is right we could have toy story 4. I see no reason for it to end. everyone loves the characters and there are so many more story arcs they can make

Jon R. LaFollette said...

as much as i trust pixar, a 4th Toy Story film would negate any of the emotions i felt for the 3rd installment, and only make me more nervous of pixar turning into disney's sequel machine.

Darrell said...

You're right about one thing, Mike--and that's that this *is* Pixar we're talking about. If they really do it, there's a chance that it might come off well as a sequel. But Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending to a trilogy of any kind and to continue on what they so bittersweetly ended would be suicide for Pixar.

Alexandro Fantino said...

Somebody, please, kill me now!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're wondering why there is such a strong negative reaction to the possibility that Pixar is making a Toy Story's not just the fact that Toy Story 3 made a perfect ending to the series.
Cars 2 proved that the guys at Pixar are, indeed, mortal. And not above selling out. Since the release of that movie, the saying "Trust us, it's Pixar" has far less meaning to fans. They released a truly awful movie, because the Cars franchise had made the most money on merchandise. Toy Story 4 is not being made because they think it will be a great movie.

jo said...

still a big NO,but i think that TS4 will most likeley be announced at the D23 expo...

Jason said...

So long as 2013 actually brings us the first multiple-release year for Pixar, I wouldn't mind seeing sequels so frequently. That is, if they consistently pump out at least one original film a year.

Lucci in the sky said...

another nail in the pixar coffin

Iry said...

But the question is THIS Pixar? Making Toy Story 4 is like saying "we care only for money". People already think this now, because of Cars 2.
I love them, I love Pixar. But... I don't need a Toy Story 4, even if I really love the Toy Story saga.
[Sorry for my English.]

Logan Pearsall said...

I really can't believe this TS4 stuff is being given ANY credence!
Tom Hanks was simply being Tom Hanks in his interview, and he probably made a mistake by saying what he said. *I'm sure Pixar slapped his wrist a little*
This is only backed up by John Lasseter's demeanor when he tries to get his interview back on track. He looks more annoyed than anything else that people would be asking the ridiculous speculation questions rather than focusing on what really matters.... making great NEW stories!

JAY Hosh said...

Well if they will create a TS4, that's fine by me. The ending of the third one was really good but I'm sure if Pixar does do this then they can top it! I mean, Cars 2 was another good sequel (and I'm not being sarcastic!) I just can't wait until Brave!

Mr. Snapple said...

I want to agree with you and your good feelings about TS4, but I don't want that movie because of the easy way of putting good characters (famous too) in a good story, instead of thinking in a real fresh movie (and the name of Pixar as a guarantee). They know they finished the franchise in TS3, this is just money.

Alexandro Fantino said...

Pixar showed the world how Toys cope with the arrival of a new toy or with their owners when they grow up. They showed what the world looks like from our backyards or from the other side of your closet door. What would a fish animate like and what does he learn after having his son taken away from him. The importance of family values and that of enjoying the trip in the journey of life. What a rat dreams about, but also how the world sees him. They took us across the galaxy so that a robot could find true love and also showed the world the importance of keeping promises, even if that means moving your house to Venezuela.

I'd expect this paragraph to keep growing, with even more perspectives from the world we live in (such as, what do laboratory animals feel about themselves, about each other and about the laboratory itself) instead of keeping only a part of it growing (the toys' and cars' section).

This kind of sequel-factory behavior makes me think of Pixar as a set of cowards who are afraid and doubtful of the potential within their own ideas and, instead of taking risks, they stick to whatever it was that worked in the past.

And it actually comes to me as a surprise, because in The Pixar Story, I remember watching Brad Bird saying that the most incredible thing at Pixar was their willingness to change everything they already have, all being for the sake of not repeating themselves.

Looks like they've lost their sense of renewal. I might seem like a pessimist, and I know we have Brave to look forward to (along with the Pete Docter [dinosaur] project) but given the circumstances* i find it hard to trust Pixar, and if you're planning to reply with the 'true Pixar fan' crap... just don't, because I'm not blind so as not to see that something inside Pixar has changed.

Even if Toy Story 4 turned out well (though I can't see it surpassing its predecessors) there's still this Cars 3 rumor as well. WTF?!

*Cars 2 being Pixar's first rotten movie, unfair perhaps, but it is the studios' worst. That, and two sequels, one after the other.

Shane Duffner said...

Oh boy. I really, really hope this doesn't happen.

Martin said...

Pixar is great but they're showing us they can't create something new, something different? Toy Story 3 was great just the perfect way to end. It was really amazing and most of us got satisfied.

I don't like a all the idea that Pixar makes movies JUST for the money and every time less for the fun of it. Now that's what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

Bring on TS4 and Cars 3 i say!!!!

Jason said...

Pixar's only made one mistake so far. They've also made eleven good movies. I don't see how a 1:11 ratio predicts the quality of Pixar's future releases. So long as there aren't any more Cars movies, Pixar's gonna do great.

Anonymous said...

I'l say again, I'm not interested in a new Toy Story. I like so much these movies, but I'm getting aware about what Pixar is doing lately, exploding too much their most beloved franchises as to be more involved in original projects. Brave is becoming the only Pixar movie I'm expecting to watch which at least is not suffering of a "sequelitis". The others, on the other hand, not so much by the reason I said before. I'm afraid that Pixar seems to be crying for new imaginative screenwriters...

MTM said...

Pixar can do it! They know exactly what they're doing.

Darkcritic said...

Even with the highest and most positive hopes for TS, I find what Pixar is doing really shameful. Like Fantino already said in his extensive reply above, Pixar is going through a route I never thought it will. The Toy Story Trilogy is a contained arc, like it or not. If you really start to think what makes a great film, you will probably end up with its most basic and important element, the story. Woody and Buzz are amazing characters but neither of them would have been so if it wasn't because they were populating an interesting and worthwhile story. Characters alone don't make a movie great because they just end up without a context to make them meaningful. Toy Story 4 is a terrible idea just because of the fact that it DOES NOT belongs to the already great and existing arc that was developed in the previous Trilogy. An expansive arc that lasted three films; one that ended in one of the best notes I have seen in a while and probably the best ending of it's release year. That the same reason why there isn't such a thing a an third Star Wars Trilogy. They already told their story. It's time for Pixar to move on.

Tres Swygert said...

I totally disagree with you Mike about the negative response being "overblown". Yes, this is Pixar we're talking about here, and for that we gave them a lot of respect for not always resorting to doing sequels like their rival DreamWorks.

We always had Pixar coming up with something fresh, new, and exciting....and always figure out a way to make it work. A lot of people, myself included, were thrilled how the Toy Story series has been handled well, and we feel that there doesn't need to be another Toy Story movie. The cartoon shorts are good enough to explore and have fun there.

But doing a sequel for Cars 2, a prequel for Monster's Inc. (which is really unnecessary), and now a rumor about a Toy Story 4 is too much for a "true" Pixar fan. What Pixar is showing, and it really worries me, is that they are not having enough faith in new talent, new directors for films. We saw how John Lasseter get back into the director's chair just to have the moment for Cars 2 (probably because he wasn't liking the way how it was handled...Cars was his baby), and we also saw how Brenda Chapman was replaced with Mark Andrews. Both Brad Lewis and Brenda left after being replaced.

Now, is that to say that it should never happen? No. But still, Pixar is having less faith in new talent for full-length feature length films. Mark Andrews is the newest director (never directed or co-directed a full length..he directed a short, not a full-length). But aside from that, it has always been Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Brad Bird, Lee Unkrich (co-director for Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, director of Toy Story 3).

What is Pixar really going to do when those five (excuse me, 3) are really not there anymore? Sequels? Oh wait, they're showing us that right now. The future. They're following DreamWorks/Jeffrey Katzenberg's law of the land...which is something we don't want from Pixar.

In closing, a lot of people are not thrilled to hear the news of another Toy Story sequel. We want something new and fresh, especially after Cars 2 was not as great as the first installment.

Anonymous said...

Why would you trust Pixar with TS4 when these are the same people behind Cars 2? That's the first kiddie film Pixar made.

They lost it.

They are being disneyfied.

They have become sellouts and obviously no longer know how to tell original stories.

gazza said...

I doubt this will happen. Pixar is about the story and characters, they've wrapped up this story, nothing more to add.

Darrell said...

Cars 2 was pretty good. It probably was the studio's worst--primarily because the storyline was pretty messy. (And Holley claiming to be Mater's girlfriend at the end? What the heck?!) But the fun in it was just plain enjoyable, so it worked for me.

I'd be willing to give them another shot with Cars 3--maybe they could succeed with the third movie where they went wrong with the second.

But I've been wrong before...

Robby said...

Disappointed. Really really disappointed. Gah!

Iry said...

I don't hate sequels. Everyone hates sequels just because Dreamworks makes a lot of sequels, and they are worse and worse everytime. But Pixar makes very good sequels. Toy Story 2 was a sequel,and it was really good. Toy Story 3 is one of their best movies, and it's a sequel. Cars 2 is probably their worst movie, but it's not a "trash movie",it's still good. Lasseter loves sequels,too. The thing is that the ending of Toy Story 3 was perfect. Even a beautiful film would destroy that ending.

Anonymous said...

I've got a cheeky suspicion that the ''new short'' in front of the new Muppets movie, might have something to do with TS4, just got this hunch people

Anonymous said...

If this turns out to be solid (and a lack of an outright denial combined with Tom Hanks' assertions seems to indicate at least the increased probability that it is), then it confirms the fears I first felt the tremors of when Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 was announced, then again when Newt was Cancelled, and lastly when Monsters University was announced.

It's ironic, because the real villain of Ratatouille was the idea of becoming comfortable in the "that'll do" mentality, to stop pushing your potential. To stop exploring new territory for the safety of what you know.

One of the many lines that resonated with me from that film was the one by the anonymous patron of Gusteau's who asked the waiter "What does the Chef have that's new?"

The very studio that produced that line, and that movie which affirmed everything they were about, has seemingly abandoned it's raison d'etre.

If they at least came out and publicly admitted they lost their focus and promised to right the ship, one could at least feel more hopeful, but there doesn't seem to be a sign of that happening, and one fears a kind of hubris is taking place behind the scenes that led to the downfall of Shayamalan from respected director into a self-parody.

I hope I'm wrong. Oh, how I really, really hope I'm wrong, but almost every new step taken, it seems to confirm rather than assuage fears.

Even if the next slate of new titles they announce has several originals among them, who won't still be afraid that if things get tough, the original idea will be replaced by a title with a "2", "3" or a "4" in it?

Everyone figured Pixar would mess up somewhere eventually, but I think we all expected that to happen by them taking on too much of a challenge, being too ambitious, not by playing it safe and maybe failing anyway for being mediocre. That perhaps, is the biggest disappointment.

If you post this, call me JerseyCajun

Nate said...

@ Lucci in the sky

Go take a jump off a pier.

Lasseter is obiously just playing around with the news, no need for concern. You guys worry too much.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's a prequel and we get to see how Buzz and Woody met.

Lucci in the sky said...

Yo Nate, I'm being facetious. Pixar is still clearly a healthy thriving company.

(But I am disappointed about this development)

Anonymous said...

@ Nate
Ill push you off buddy!
@ Anonymous @2:53
Your late man this is just really sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If all you "negative" people dont like the news DONT COMMENT!!!
Why dont you all blog about Justin Beiber see who cares!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone blindly trust Pixar with sequels after Cars 2?

Anonymous said...

To anon above, if a person really cares about art and craft above the people who made it, and if the person who made the art cares about their craft more than their self-image, then both will cherish giving/taking feedback, both positive and negative. But especially the negative, because that's what makes maintaining excellence possible.

It's like when Gordon Ramsay tears into restaurant owners if they've lost their passion. He does that and we do this because the art/food comes first, not because there is hatred toward the person who made it. We care enough to express what we see as fundamental issues developing which have the potential to ruin a good thing.


Alexandro Fantino said...

@JerseyCajun: I think I'm in love with your comments.

Jordan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I think that film franchises should not go beyond three, unless of course it's based on a book series that consists of multiple volumes (IE: Harry Potter, James Bond). Spider-Man and Pirates of the Caribbean are exceptions to the rule, as their 3rd installments sucked and well, Shrek, that one just got boring halfway through the 2nd movie. But if there is a good story that can fill three movies without leaving any room for boredom or throwing in pointless action sequences in the wrong places just so dumb people will shut their traps about not being excited (tricky slope that one), then I say leave it at that and call it a day. Toy Story short films on the other hand, are another story. You can keep the franchise alive, but not obnoxiously so...if that makes any sense?

Jordan said...

Lee: Some people have asked what is new!
Ed: New?
Lee: Yes! What do we tell them?
Ed: Well, what did you tell them?
Lee: I told them I would ask!
Steve: What are you blabbering about?
Ed: Fans are asking what is new!
Lee: What should we tell them?
Steve: Well, what did you tell them?
John: This is simple! We just take one of our pre-existing franchises or universes, and find another story we can tell in that world. Everyone will love it, and since it's based on something we all know everyone loves, we'll be sure to get a good profit from it! What with naturally-rising theater ticket prices and the extra cost and profit of 3D.
Lee: They already know that stuff. They say they want "original stories".
John: They are asking for stories that are ORIGINAL?
Gary: Stop overreacting and exaggerating. How about a film about newts?
John: Nope. The Blue Macaws and wolves took that idea.
Brenda: How about a mythical Scotland story?
John: Fine, fine. Mark, you help her with that.
Pete: I want another Monster story! But I'm too busy to do anything about it! Hey Dan, give me a hand!
Andrew: I'll help too, after I get back from Mars.
Tom: Hey, you guys are making another Toy Story, right?
All: Shhhhhh!
Tom: Dang it!

My inspiration (Typed 100% on a Nintendo 3DS; took about half an hour, researching on a laptop PC. I later edited this to have the correct HTML code, with the "<>"s.)

Lucci in the sky said...

I just don't want to look back at Ratatouille and think how prescient Gusteau's was.

Anonymous said...

A Bug's Life 2 please and thank you Pixar. I'm waiting for that one.

David Moraes said...

@JerseyCajun: Agree. 150%. Best comment I've ever read on the subject. You should write Pixar a letter and I'm SERIOUS about it. Somebody has to get the big boys' attention.

Anonymous said...

I start to feel like by making these sequences, Pixar are manufacturing more Corn Puppies, Tooth-Pickin' Chicken, and Microwave Burritos for their audiences.

"Cheap sausages dipped in batter and deep fried. You know, American. Whip something up. Maybe Gusteau in overalls and Huckleberry Tom hat."

Friggin' hate it, whatever they're doing.

Alexandro Fantino said...

@Jordan's last comment: ROFL!!!! Hahahahaha you're my hero! The time you spent typing and doing research for that really paid off.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much that we don't trust them, but that we're all SO SICK OF THE SEQUELS. And TS3 was a PERFECT ending. Why ruin it? Plus, the series is getting old. I really would hate to see a Toy Story 8 in 2030. They need to move on, plain and simple. How many times can you really make a movie about talking toys before the ideas get stale? For the answer, you need only to look at "Hawaiian Vacation"... The idea of a TS4 is just ludicrous. I'm shocked you don't think the same. Sorry, but I've lost a little respect for you.

Jeff Coté said...

@Jordan That was HILARIOUS.


Darrell said...

Jordan, let me add onto your comment there. This add-on is to drive the point home that there will probably be an Incredibles 2. Absolutely no inspiration for this--all came from my head.

Steve: What about another Incredibles story? When are we going to do that?
John: Uh, Steve? You do realize that Brad is too busy right now? He's doing M-I-IV and 1906 right now. We probably won't get that one out until 2014 at least--
Steve: HA! You admitted it!
John: Oh, crap...
Steve: I'm telling the public that The Incredibles 2 is set for 2014!
John: You're not going anywhere! We'll reveal it when we're ready--AND SAME GOES FOR TOY STORY 4!
Steve: So you ARE working on a TS4 AND an Incredibles 2! This is great! You want to keep me from going someplace, I'll let you have it!
*John and Steve start fighting; everyone joins in and a massive Pixar employee brawl begins*

JAY Hosh said...

I literally laughed to death after reading your comment! That could possibly be what happened! All that time you put into it was totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm for a Toy Story 4 film. I actually want them to do it for the reason of breaking that silly 'three film rule' that's been going on for years.

Besides after that Toy Story short they did for Cars 2, it just prove they still have a story to tell there and I believe that if the forth film happens they'll do it justice.

If not, well...I'll just watch 'How Toy Story 3 Should Have Ended' and sing 'You Just Wrecked Your Car'. XD

Speaking of which, I'd kill for a plot where the toys animated in front of a human, there's not been anything like that since Syd in the first film. Come on, you know it'd be interesting for a plot.

Anonymous said...

um, no. just no. TS3 was the perfect ending, and i don't want to see pixar become disneys sequel machine. Last night, i stayed up in bed trying to think of a good story for a possible fourth installment, and the best one i could come up with was they go on holiday with bonnie and the toys board the wrong plane to London or somewhere. Im interested in that dinosaur project Docter is making, and i think that'll be the original project coming out christmas 2013, but Pixar should be making original films! What haven't they done before? A film about Aliens, ghosts, something set in the past like the romans, a coming of age story? End of the world? Help me out here people!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alexandro and David, I tend to get passionate when speaking on the subject of animation in general :)

Someone does need to stage an 'intervention' if the trend continues, though I doubt anyone at Pixar is going to hear this lone voice on the internet.

In continuing my thoughts though, the days are ending when a single studio built on excellence can skate by the competition on reputation alone.

Recent years have shown us that other studios are raising their own personal bars, and the results have surprised me, someone who admired the reputation Pixar has built and respected enough to see their films on the studio's name alone.

Despite a few flaws, 'Rango' managed to be the most ambitious animated American film this year so far, in design and boldness in letting it go as 'out-there' as it did, and though I haven't yet seen the latest Kung-fu panda sequel, the original was the best thing I'd seen out of Dreamworks since their beginning.

Now Paramount is set to forge its own animation wing and will have the opportunity to explore new territory and forge a new identity with it, and if they continue down the path that Rango sets forth, then I eagerly anticipate what they may bring to the table.

On television, Nickelodeon is starting to engage in mature storytelling with its Avatar mythology, further proving what animation is capable of in the spirit of the words Brad Bird so eloquently put: "Animation can do any genre."

We are truly in the midst of a second 'Renaissance' in the field of animation. The landscape that Pixar helped create is changing. It's not so easy any longer to simply look at the dust that the rest of the rest of the field is eating, now they're nipping at their heels, and the race is perpetual. There is no finish line and no place to rest on laurels.

I'm hoping "Brave" shows the kind of inspiration that will help maintain and inform the identity Pixar was founded on and on which it will need to rely on repeatedly to survive in a field where they may not always be assured the MVP award.

I know this though: We'll be watching closely.