Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Animated Films Added to National Film Registry

Two animated works are among the twenty-five motion pictures being added this year to the National Film Registry of the United States. The National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress will formally induct the films later today.

Walt Disney's 1942 classic Bambi takes its place as "one of film’s most heart-rending stories of parental love", one that has "enchanted generations since its debut". The NFPB also noted its well-known "eloquent message of nature conservation".

A Computer Animated Hand, created thirty years after Bambi by future Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull, is being recognized for its "foundational" role in computer graphics and animation.

The unprepossessing 1-minute movie of a hand in motion was made by Catmull as part of a graduate student project at the University of Utah. You can watch it (along with some 'making of' footage) here.

Including this year's additions, the National Film Registry holds 575 films of 'cultural, historical or aesthetic' importance. Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 selections.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)


Anonymous said...

My question is why wasn't Bambi entered in much, much earlier?!

This, for me, is the single best animated film of all time. I can't explain why, you know - the animation is just as gorgeous as it is in Pinocchio and Snow White, but there is a light-hearted tenderness that exceeds the tragedy that makes the heart of the film. At a day in age when fart jokes and pop culture references abound in Dreamworks animation, and where films are nearly 3 hours long a piece, innocence is at the heart of this film as well, and it allows us to reclaim ours as we watch the film. At just 70 minutes, we watch everything unfold and are completely satisfied when the final credits appear on screen.

Anonymous said...

Wow anonymous #1, I want to watch Bambi now.

Darrell said...

I like pop culture references in my animated movies, personally. Although I wouldn't want to see Pixar do it, it's one of my favorite things about animation these days.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I truly think Darrell is a troll.

Darrell said...

Anonymous 3: We're jumping to conclusions, are we? I'm entitled to my own opinion, just as you are (except when it comes to the relentless trashing of Cars 2, lol).