Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monsters, Inc. 3D Another Winning Pixar Rerelease

Roz is looking more fabulous than ever! 

Pixar's fourth feature, Monsters, Inc., is back in theatres today, in 3-D, eleven years after its original release in November 2001.

I just returned from a noon showing and, like Finding Nemo 3D, it's another winning stereoscopic rerelease from Pixar.

Yeah, yeah, I know I said that Nemo was the "perfect movie to experience in 3-D", but I was wrong—this is.

The roller coaster 'Ride of the Doors' scene—one of many superb shots in the film—is Pixar's most adventurous use of 3-D to date, by a mile.

The largely inorganic environments of Monstropolis (think architecture) really benefit from the added depth. When Boo and Sulley stumble upon the secret passageway leading to Randall's lair, it feels like you're right in there with them.

Besides the 3-D, the animation generally looks as fresh as if it had been done this year. And in the (very) few places it doesn't, well, who cares? You've got a clever, action packed story, loveable characters, lots of heart. Exactly why Pixar's doing the prequel.

Speaking of that, if you were already anxiously awaiting Monsters University, watching Monsters, Inc. 3D will make the wait unbearable. (Only 183 days left in North America; 246 in Lithuania.)

Go see it this weekend. You'll also get a bonus: For The Birds, which happens to be my second favourite Pixar short (after Red's Dream). Simple, funny, and the ending never gets old.


Anonymous said...

"Go see it this weekend. You'll also get a bonus: For The Birds, which happens to be my second favourite Pixar short."

When you say that, do you mean that For The Birds will play in showings Opening Weekend only or at all showings?

Mike Bastoli said...

All showings.

Andrew S. said...

This post was awesome just for "Roz is looking more fabulous than ever! " Monsters Inc. took up like 3/4 of my childhood, that Toy Story and Blues Clues. I can't wait for MU!

Alexandro Fantino said...

You seem to be in ecstasy, Mike. It must be really good. I'll go see it on Friday!! And as for MU, I can't wait already. Nice review BTW.

Mike Bastoli said...

Thank you both.

cynel said...

For The Birds looked even better re-rendered in 3D.