Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pixar's Upcoming Umbrella Short Revealed

Pixar has finally revealed the short film behind the Rainy City Tales viral site that's been puzzling us since July. It's called The Blue Umbrella and it will be in theatres on June 21 with Monsters University. And, yes, it's going to be awesome.

The Wall Street Journal got the first look at a clip from the six-minute short. Watch—

The WSJ article (behind a paywall, unless you search for it through Google News) reports that Umbrella is the directorial debut of Saschka Unseld, who has worked in Pixar's camera and staging department since 2008.

With the director coming from a technical background, Pixar utilized techniques it hadn't before to achieve the "absolutely photorealistic" appearance of the short, in the words of Pixar creative chief John Lasseter.

So let me reiterate: awesome. The water simulation in The Incredibles looks like claymation now. And there's still five and a half minutes we haven't seen. Can you imagine how good this is going to look in 3-D?

The sneak peak does give away the central storyline, which is close to Disney's Paperman and its boy-meets-girl chance encounter. (Animators just want to get noticed?) But with its eye-popping visuals, this has way more potential for a wider audience.

Now the question that remains is, Why didn't Pixar just call it Rainy City Tale?


BenZ97 said...

It's simply gorgeous! I think the reason why The Blue Umbrella isn't called Rainy City Tales is because they wanted to focus the story on the main character. It's possible that the short Rainy City Tales may led others on to believe that their will be a series of shorts like this one.

Dapoon said...

Sigh!! Pixar you've done it again!! Loved it! Though it did remind me a little of a classic Disney cartoon on hats "Johnny Fedora & Alice Bluebonnet".

Can't wait to check this out!!

Mike Bastoli said...

Two comments? Really?

sammy el artista said...

Was thinking the same thing. I expected there to be loads of comments for this.

Anonymous said...

I thought Pixar was finally experimenting with live action, (granted, there is some in Wall-E, but not to the level this would have been) and the faces were the only thing animated.

Then I read the rest of your post. Holy. Friggin'. Crap.

Nice music, too.

Declan said...

Yeah, I can't believe that either. Here's a fourth one.


Alexandro Fantino said...

Lol Mike. I just turned on my computer. And saw it first on the short's Tumblr. But here's your comment.

I'm loving the whole quality of it. Especially the lighting and the score. Ever since I saw the first renders the director posted I knew it was going to be a visual treat.

As for the animation, I'm very curious. How exactly does an umbrella move?

Anonymous said...

I think this short is going to be really good, I can't wait!

Charlotte Robinson said...

I agree with you that the water stimulation is really great. I love the effects and the story plot.