Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Awesome New Monsters University International Poster

Disney/Pixar have unveiled this new international poster for Monsters University, which is less than four months away from opening in theatres. (Remember when a Monsters, Inc. follow-up was only a rumor?)

Although I tend to prefer minimalist posters (see here, here, and here) this is an awesome one-sheet that harkens back to the character-packed poster for Toy Story 3. It really makes you examine it closely.

Monsters University projects on traditional and 3-D screens on June 21.


Nini said...

Awesome poster, somehow figured Randall would be a dork.

Tyler (AmishParadise27) said...

Randall looks so cute as a nerd (I mean that heterosexually of course).

Dapoon said...

HAHAHAHA! Randall!xD