Friday, February 1, 2013

Must-See New Posters for Disney's Frozen [UPDATE]

Three new international posters for Walt Disney Animation's Frozen have made their way online at Argentine movie site Cine 1 (which felt the need to deface them with their site logo).

As you can see, two are character posters, featuring protagonist Anna and her sister Elsa, respectively. Anna looks a bit too much like Rapunzel from Tangled, but the design on her, and especially platinum-haired Elsa, is still really well done.

Frozen opens in North American theatres on November 27, 2013.
Update (10:21 PM): Disney has asked me to take all three posters down and I have complied. They tell me that they are "fan made" with images that are "not official". First Showing reports that the posters were "made from old character designs".


Alexandro Fantino said...

Thank goodness they were fan-made. Those backgrounds looked pretty cheesy, to me.

NATSU said...

I did Google Disney's Frozen and I agree, she did look like Rapunzel. The man kind of looked like a concept design of Flynn...I wonder when the real posters will come. :)

Anonymous said...

Unrelated: Annie Awards coverage Mike?

Winners here!

Wreck-It Ralph wins Best Picture and picks up several others as well!

Jordan said...

Dang it! I missed it. I hate it when information is removed, redacted, or censored before I have a chance to see it. Well, time to check Google and its cache.

Jordan said...

It looks like Disney has gone around to other places where these pictures have been, including here. I was able to find the posters on another site, thought the page they appear on is locked from viewing. Heh. If anyone else wants to find them, you know how to use Google. I also saved them to my computer, because despite the fact that I'm not terribly excited about this film, as soon as things start getting redacted and censored, I'm immediately interested. I'll upload the two small images somewhere if these disappear.