Monday, February 25, 2013

PHOTO: Andrews and Chapman Celebrate Brave Oscar Win

A priceless shot of Brave directors Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman celebrating backstage after Pixar's 13th feature won for Best Animated Feature at Sunday's 85th Annual Academy Awards. (via @damoxy)

In related news, Paperman producer Kristina Reed got temporarily booted out of the Dolby Theatre auditorium by security after throwing paper airplanes in celebration of the short's win.


Anonymous said...

So I guess that everything is alright now.
The shameful production stabbing, the pacing problems, the poor character development.

And the subpar quality of the final movie (for Pixar).

I wished the Oscar would have been a wake up call for Pixar.
I guess I'll have to place my hopes elsewhere.

Well, Paperman was awesome. So there's that.

Ps : that being said, I wasn't much impressed by Wreck it Ralph. I liked the story behind Paranorman, but the production values is nowhere near Brave movie

Nini said...

I'm just pleased that two women got to win an Oscar within the animated field, kinda makes up for the death of Newt.

Awesome stunt by Kristina Reed though, worth an award in itself if it gets you kicked out for a while.

Tyler (AmishParadise27) said...

Mark Andrews rocking the kilt.