Friday, February 1, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph Director Wants a Sequel

Speaking to The Huffington Post in a pre-Oscars interview, Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore says both he and cast members John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are hoping Disney greenlights a sequel:
"My experience was so tremendous on this film and the animators, the designers, the story artists, the actors—I know everyone here had a good time making the film. I've talked with John and Sarah and we would all love to visit that world again and work with those characters again. We would jump at the opportunity. We're all crossing our fingers about as far as you can cross them that we get a chance to do that."
This isn't the first time Moore has been vocal about making Wreck-It Ralph 2. In December, he told Moviehole that possible stories were already being discussed. Reilly added that 'some big muckety-mucks' at the studio had told him they were "talking sequel".

With Ralph's successful box office performance (its made over $368 million so far), Moore and Co. will probably have their wish come true, if it hasn't already. There is no such thing as loose talk at Disney—these 'slips' are early publicity.

I never really thought of Wreck-It Ralph being sequel material before this, mostly because the ending thankfully didn't set it up. But there are a lot of games in Litwak's Arcade—many worlds that could be explored. I want to see this happen.


Nini said...

Give that man his sequel, it's not as if you can prequel such a thing a la Monsters Inc. because there was no place to go but back.

Michael said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens with this idea. Disney Animation Studios has rarely produced non-direct-to-video sequels to their canon films, so it will be interesting if they decide to join the ranks of Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky, and see the theatrical sequel as a viable resource. That being said, I don't think EVERY film requires a sequel, so I hope they also practice restraint.

Anonymous said...

You know, since Holywood and the animation industry have decided to turn everything into a sequel, I can't complain too much. Sure I'd rather see new films, but Wreck-it-Ralph is one of those movies I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel for. Even though I really enjoyed the movie, I would have liked to have seen more game cameos, and maybe #2 will have more of that this time around.

Zack Mandell said...

I loved Wreck-It Ralph but didn't really see a sequel possibly but you bring up a good point about using a different game for the sequel.