Tuesday, April 16, 2013

News Roundup: Monster in Paris on Blu-ray + MU Cast Expands

Two brief items from the world of animation today:
  • A Monster in Paris landed on Blu-ray, DVD, and iTunes shelves in the U.S. this morning. As I tweeted earlier, you already know I'm a fan of the movie, so I will only add that the quality of the Blu-ray was as good as I expected.
  • Disney/Pixar revealed more names from the Monsters University cast, including John Krasinski (I'm getting emotional about the upcoming Office season finale) and Pixar regular Bonnie Hunt. Sulley and Mike return to screens in 65 days.


Future Anim8or said...

Only sixty-five days? ...I mean, sixty-five days! That's sooooo long! :D

Anonymous said...

Nathan Fillion is one of the new cast members