Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Look at Relativity's Free Birds

Relativity Media released these first two stills from their upcoming animated release Free Birds today. Directed by former Pixar animator Jimmy Hayward, it's the first film to be entirely animated by Reel FX Creative Studios. To say this project has kept a low profile so far is an understatement.

According to the synopsis, Free Birds follows "a pair of feathered friends" who decide to travel back in time to help their kind by "getting turkey off the holiday menu for good." Notice the ovoid time machine in the background in the still above.

The movie will have the requisite big name leads: Woody Harrelson (by the way, this week is Hemp History Week) and Lightning McQueen himself, Owen Wilson; Amy Poehler also stars.

Free Birds flies into theatres on November 1.


Nini said...

I have no idea if it'll be any good, big name casts and nice visuals mean little if the writing is bad and we don't know Hayward's writing background seeing as he's come from animation.

I hope for good things though, it's still Pixar alumni at the top.

Tim Griffith said...

I heard about a similar movie years ago called Turkey's and it was suppose to be directed by Toy Story 2's co director Ash Brannon, whatever happened to him?

{Morgan} said...

You know, I really am liking "Free Birds." Also, I want it to be a success so that Reel FX and continue to produce more films. Feathers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Tim: I don't know about ash, but this IS Turkeys. They just changed the title a few months ago.