Thursday, December 12, 2013

Watch: New Trailer for Blue Sky's Rio 2

Watch this third theatrical trailer for Blue Sky Studios' Rio 2, flocking into theatres on April 11, 2014. It smartly does not include the words "From the studio that brought you Epic".

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RandomUser said...

As if we're watching Ice Age 2, the new couple who thought was the only of its species (but macaws instead of mammoths) discovers whole new population of its species and of course we have the standard father-in-law, former love-interest and new-dumb-friends jokes which we've come to expect from such films. We're bored of them but and the studio wouldn't use them in ads if they weren't the only interesting thing the movie has to offer. The movie also gives away its voice cast (just like DreamWorks does), since many celebrities are part of it. Pixar on the other hand, always has a nice story to tell, which is why they never focus the marketing on the voice cast.